Philosophical essays

For many centuries, philosophy has been an indispensable way of knowing the world around us, as a result of which an integral system of knowledge is built around a person. Currently, everyone knows the names of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Kant and other representatives of the philosophical space, but not everyone knows and understands their ideas, theories, and all kinds of concepts. Can this situation be corrected? Of course, yes! In this case, the main assistant to overcome the “differences” between man and philosophy is an essay, thanks to which students of schools and universities are trying to talk about the eternal problems of life. So, an essay on philosophy is a rather complicated written paper, requiring its author to have a certain amount of knowledge and the ability to peer into the vast expanses of the universe. The absence of certain qualities does not mean a negative assessment regarding a written essay on philosophy. To create a “great” philosophical discourse, you simply need to follow a series of the following guidelines:

  • Typically, an essay on philosophy is aimed at identifying the student’s critical attitude to a specific philosophical problem. Therefore, the determination of one’s own position regarding the indicated problem becomes an essential component in this written paper. In the essay, it is appropriate to use the expressions “I agree”, “I cannot agree”, “in my understanding”, “for me personally”, etc. Only the selection of the author’s opinion allows you to turn thoughts, arguments and conclusions into an integral philosophical essay.

  • When writing an essay on philosophy, there is a dilemma about the scale of the problem, since the circle of philosophical questions is simultaneously distinguished by its narrowness and completeness. For example, the topic of an essay in the form of “The essence of worldview” is limited to a person’s ideas about reality, and the topic “Stages of the formation of philosophy” covers a huge period of time. It is important to remember: it is not recommended to go beyond the scope of the topic, because in this case there is a detachment and surface of the author’s presentation (and concreteness, logic and conciseness are required).
  • The next step towards the correct writing of an essay on philosophy is the ability to philosophize, that is, establish causal relationships between events and phenomena. The philosophizing scheme looks like this: the object of philosophizing is established (say, matter); the place of the object is specified in the framework of the philosophical problem (matter as the beginning of the Universe); the degree of reliability of the object of philosophizing (matter and consciousness) is generalized.

Philosophizing involves isolating in an essay on the philosophy of certain key points that fully determine the content of the problem. So, when thinking about the appearance of life, one must consider the eternal “opposition” of materialists and idealists. If we ignore these key points, the essay will turn out to be just a banal set of author’s assumptions.

  • Many students who start writing an essay on philosophy overload the text with various terms and concepts that not only enhance the correctness of the conclusion, but how much “destroy” the whole train of thought. As a result, heaps of complex terms and constructions complicate the thought process, and the essay can no longer convey the ideas of its author. Thus, the “golden rule” of an essay on philosophy appears: before using a particular term, you need to find out its true meaning.

  • As you know, philosophy is the result of the creativity of philosophers. When studying a philosophical problem, students in their essays should reinforce what has been said with a reference to an authoritative philosopher or a philosophical school who considered a similar area of ​​problems: turning to philosophical statements and aphorisms contributes to effective argumentation.
  • The structure of the essay in philosophy has no clear boundaries, but nevertheless it should include such sections as “Introduction” (the problem and its relevance are indicated), “Part is founded” (reasoning or philosophizing proper with emphasis on one’s own position and its argumentation), “Conclusion” (conclusions about the results achieved).

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